Liz Williamson & Amanda Ho: Contemporary Weaving Exhibitions

Liz Williamson Local Colour: Eucalyptus Shadows
Amanda Ho Spatial Layering

These two exhibitions (on display from 1 June to 14 July 2019) present a small range of contemporary weaving by two Australian highly professional and accomplished textile artists. They coincide with the Wangaratta Contemporary Textile Award 2019 at Wangaratta Art Gallery (June-August) and the Wangaratta Stitched Up Textile Festival (July).

Liz Williamson presents a range of Eucalyptus dyed woven pieces created directly from subtle colours sourced from local plants in the Sydney region. Several species of Eucalyptus have been used to create randomly patterned silk cloth before it is shredded into strips for weaving as weft, thus creating varying combinations that echo resist patterning and irregular striping. This superb group of works draw on research conducted by the artist into the history of plant dyes in Australia.

Image: Liz Williamson, detail ‘Eucalyptus Shadow’ 2019. Eucalyptus dyed fabric weft.


Amanda Ho presents five works based on the Japanese concept of ‘miegakure’ a spatial composition where it is not possible to see all parts at the same time: to glimpse something that is hidden’. Space in these fine delicate weavings is built by overlapping several bi-dimensional planes: thin, light and transparent planes where each layer dissolves into others, losing the sense of perspective and 3-dimensional character, with the shapes becoming the space between. Shadows cast within the framed and floating works add to the impact of these refined works.

Image: Amanda Ho, detail ‘Spatial Layering’ 2019. Natural linen and paper yarn.